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Category:KA15 - Team PAIRS - Novice to 7th Kyu - Under 15 Years
Competitor Club Grade GenderHeight  
David Fedeles and Miley PeckIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuM0ft 0inGold
Jayla and Kyra GrahamElitez karate academy7th KyuF4ft 7inSilver
Ava Shipp and Victoria JohnsonIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuF0ft 0inBronze
Saraa Rathore and Skye WelhamShinnin Kai9th KyuF0ft 0inBronze
Benny Lewis and Izaiah SandersIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuM0ft 0in 
 Competitors = 5