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Category:KU19A - Slam Man - Novice to 7th Kyu - 8 to 10 years
Competitor Club Grade GenderHeight  
Lily Sabbaghi-SarabiSeiwakai Oxford7th KyuF4ft 4inGold
Kai KuprionosIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuM4ft 3inSilver
Hamish JhurryElitez karate academy7th KyuM4ft 6inBronze
Xanthe QuarmbySeiwakai Oxford8th KyuF4ft 11inBronze
Finley YoungYamaguchi Goju Kai Grays8th KyuM0ft 0in 
FRED TURNERYamaguchi Goju Kai Grays8th KyuM0ft 0in 
Jake OmololuYamaguchi Goju Kai Grays7th KyuM0ft 0in 
Lily YuenYamaguchi Goju Kai Grays9th KyuF0ft 0in 
Marcus Junior KingWilliams Martial Arts10th KyuM4ft 5in 
Mason HolmesWilliams Martial Arts10th KyuM4ft 5in 
Nikodem GalIpswich Karate Academy9th KyuM4ft 7in 
Paulina DonchevaSeiwakai England Sport8th KyuF4ft 6in 
Todor KandinskiSeiwakai England Sport7th KyuM4ft 6in 
 Competitors = 13