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Category:KU44 - Junior Kumite - 3rd Kyu to Dan grade - 5’4” and above Girls
Competitor Club Grade GenderHeight  
TALIA NARDELLIPro-Karate1st KyuF5ft 2inGold
ALBANY NEWTONPro-Karate1st KyuF5ft 5inSilver
April FalooneLinks Karate3rd KyuF5ft 5inBronze
MARY-JANE DISBREYPro-Karate1st KyuF5ft 5inBronze
Rosie PickfordShinnin Kai3rd KyuF5ft 9in 
Sophie GreenElitez karate academy5th KyuF5ft 6in 
Victoria TzolovaSeiwakai England Sport3rd KyuF5ft 7in 
 Competitors = 7