Details of Category

Category:KU35 - Junior Kumite - 6th to 4th Kyu - 4’10’’ and above Boys
Competitor Club Grade GenderHeight  
Ayden RenallsGoshukan Karate Academy UK4th KyuM5ft 5inGold
Adam ChowduaryElitez karate academy6th KyuM4ft 11inSilver
Charlie Heaney-CribbLinks Karate4th KyuM5ft 3inBronze
Abhay SamplayElitez karate academy4th KyuM5ft 3in 
Airidas ApanaviciusKDF6th KyuM5ft 5in 
Alex CoombeElitez karate academy7th KyuM4ft 10in 
Anton ScottElitez karate academy6th KyuM5ft 1in 
Ashley GoodGoshukan Karate Academy UK4th KyuM5ft 0in 
BILLY BISSETTPro-Karate6th KyuM4ft 10in 
Caden HolmesWilliams Martial Arts4th KyuM5ft 0in 
CAMERON MCNAUGHTONPro-Karate4th KyuM4ft 11in 
Daniel StoddartUechi Ryu Essex4th KyuM4ft 11in 
Kyle CanoMeopham4th KyuM4ft 11in 
Leland ChettyWilliams Martial Arts5th KyuM5ft 8in 
Mckenzie Martin Bujin ryu sport karate6th KyuM6ft 3in 
Mohammed Aadam AhmedUechi Ryu London5th KyuM5ft 4in 
STANLEY CLARKPro-Karate5th KyuM5ft 4in 
WILLIAM LAZAROOPro-Karate4th KyuM5ft 2in 
 Competitors = 18