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Category:KU28 - Junior Kumite - Novice to 7th Kyu - 4’4’’ to 4’9’’ Girls
Competitor Club Grade GenderHeight  
Lexie ChettyWilliams Martial Arts9th KyuF4ft 6inGold
Phoebe PallettLinks Karate7th KyuF4ft 6inSilver
Gabriela BanasiakSeiwakai Oxford9th KyuF4ft 4inBronze
Paulina DonchevaSeiwakai England Sport8th KyuF4ft 6inBronze
Karina GancarzLinks Karate7th KyuF4ft 6in 
Klarise HuntleyMargate7th KyuF4ft 8in 
Lily Sabbaghi-SarabiSeiwakai Oxford7th KyuF4ft 4in 
 Competitors = 7