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Category:KU25 - Junior Kumite - Novice to 7th Kyu - under 4’3” Boys
Competitor Club Grade GenderHeight  
Kai KuprionosIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuM0ft 0inGold
Louis JonesIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuM4ft 1inSilver
David FedelesIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuM4ft 1inBronze
Elias BrancicElitez karate academy8th KyuM3ft 2inBronze
Aarit SahooKaizen Gunns8th KyuM4ft 0in 
Archie WorbyWilliams Martial Arts9th KyuM4ft 0in 
Benjamin McConnellNorthgate Karate10th KyuM4ft 3in 
Benny LewisIpswich Karate Academy9th KyuM0ft 0in 
Casper AdhikhariElitez karate academy9th KyuM3ft 2in 
Isaac SmithLuton Higashi7th KyuM4ft 2in 
Izaiah SandersIpswich Karate Academy9th KyuM0ft 0in 
Jaxon Blake ChueElitez karate academy10th KyuM3ft 2in 
Morgan GrahamElitez karate academy8th KyuM4ft 2in 
OTIS MASTINPro-Karate8th KyuM4ft 0in 
Rafferty ClaytonYamaguchi Goju Kai Thorpe Bay7th KyuM3ft 11in 
Ti HurleyLuton Higashi8th KyuM3ft 7in 
William GooderhamIpswich Karate Academy7th KyuM4ft 1in 
Xander DCruze-ReevesLuton Higashi7th KyuM4ft 3in 
 Competitors = 18